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Obstacool This Friday 23 August


Obstacool is on this Friday 23 August.

All the children are extremely excited!

Just a refresher on what is happening with Obstacool:

  • Please return your Obstacool sponsorship form as soon as you have all your sponsor details. If you are still needing to collect money or haven't paid through Qkr, the form will then be returned to you later this week to finalise payments
  • A weekly raffle is drawn for those that return their sponsorship form
  • The Year 6 Sports Leadership Group have taken charge of the day and are doing a wonderful job (with some help from Mr Feerick and other teachers of course!)
  • It's a uniform free day, comfy clothes, sneakers and socks
  • All food breaks remain the same, so pack lunch, recess and fruit as normal, or the tuckshop will be open for lunch orders
  • The running sheet for the day is being finalised and will be sent around later this week
  • All parents are welcome to come and watch and/or help, please email Cath Day at if you are able to help.

I think that's it! Thanks everyone, can't wait for the fun this Friday!


Kind Regards,
Cath Day
P&F President

Book Week Parade Clarification

We have had a few calls asking for clarification for when our Book Celebrations are taking place. We apologise for the conflicting dates sent home in the Class Term Overviews and in the newsletter.

  • To clarify, the Book Week Parade (Our favourite day of the year) will take place next Wednesday 28 August at 9.30am.
  • The Book Fair will take place in week 8 from the 11th - 13th September.

Once again we apologise for all of the confusion that this has caused. 

Kind Regards,
Kate Mertz

Years 3-6 Bike Program Permission Note

Holy Trinity is again offering the Safe Cycle Program which is an initiative by the Physical Activity Foundation, with the support of the ACT Government, to implement a bicycle awareness and safety program into schools.

For you child to be able to take part in the Bike Program, please click here to complete the permission form.

The Safe Cycle Program will be undertaken commencing in Week 6.  Mr Feerick will facilitate the Yr 3/4 Program and Mr Bugden For Yrs 5/6. Year 3/4 will commence Week 6, Tuesday 27 August (due to book week celebrations) and then run on Wednesdays for weeks 7-10 and Years 5/6 will run on Fridays, weeks 6-10. The Bike Program will be implemented in Physical Education lessons and other curriculum areas. This program provides all students the opportunity to develop, demonstrate and practise correct bike handling skills, simple maintenance awareness and also to engage in local riding excursions as part of Physical Education lessons.

We are also very excited about the opportunity to use the bikes in the broader curriculum. Later in the year, we plan to have lunch time riding groups that will ride the local paths and trails, skills activities and maintenance sessions to learn about the bikes.

All of these activities will be undertaken with close and considered supervision. Several staff have undergone program specific training and the school has a Risk Assessment and Management Planning policy in place related to the use and management of the bikes. During the Safe Cycle Program, while on school grounds, the students may participate in the lessons with a single teacher supervising. This will be for all activities, including lunch time riding groups and structured learning sessions.

Students are welcome and encouraged to bring their own bikes to school to use during the program or as part of lunch time or class based activities. Bikes that are brought in must be locked during the day. Bikes will be checked for safety according to the requirements of the risk assessment policy.  Student are to bring their own helmets to use when riding a bike. There are helmets available for students who do not have one.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via the following:

Kind regards,

Michael Feerick

Sports Coordinator

2019 Catholic Schools Netball Carnival Registrations

Rosary is delighted to host the 2019 Catholic Primary Schools Netball Carnival.

Venue: Tuggeranong Netball Association Courts, Were Street Calwell ACT 2905

Date:   Saturday 19 October 2019

Please click here to register your child and once the registration form is completed, please go into Qkr to make your child's registration payment.

Registration Fees

A fee of $35 per competitor is required to enter the carnival. The registration fee includes a food voucher (a sandwich, a fruit drink, a piece of fruit and a bag of chips) per competitor. If your child has any dietary requirements, please ensure you let the school know on the registration form for catering purposes. Competitors will also receive information to assist them and their team in participating on the day.

In the event that the safety of participants is perceived as being placed at an unacceptable risk or the grounds are closed due to wet weather, the event will be cancelled. If this occurs, it is not practical to reschedule or refund team registration fees.

Whilst there will be plenty of netball, there will also be other activities on the day to keep the young at heart entertained. For your convenience, there will also be food stalls selling a range of sweet and savoury items so remember to bring some cash along on the day.

There will be several water refill stations around the grounds on the day, though we recommend each child brings along a drink bottle and plenty of water.  It is also advisable to bring a hat and sunscreen as it could be a warm spring day.

Rosary Primary School community is looking forward to hosting this exciting event for the primary schools of the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn. We hope to see many of our school communities at this fun-filled day.

Registrations close on Thursday 22ndAugust 2019

Please note: If teams do not have parents willing to volunteer to either a Coach, Manager and Referee nominated (referees can be older siblings who attend high school), then that team will not be able to play in the Carnival.

Michael Feerick
Sports Coordinator



  • Buy mini containers and compartment lunch boxes (small hands can help pack their own lunches!).
  • Buy snacks in bulk like unsweetened yogurt, hummus, cheese or crackers, and dispense into small reusable containers as required.
  • Many fruits and vegetables come wrapped in their own ‘natural packaging’, such as tomatoes, snow peas, oranges, bananas, baby cucumbers and beans.
  • Include fruit and vegetables in your child’s lunchbox every day. It’s a great way to make these foods a normal part of your child’s life, which can potentially lessen waste and reduce grocery costs.
  • Wrap sandwiches in a cloth napkin, reusable beeswax wrap or a paper bag. 
  • Have children choose from a list of healthy, package-free options, and assist in making their own lunch to avoid uneaten food.
  • Avoid buying individually-wrapped snacks, squeeze pouch yoghurts and single-use sandwich bags.

Year 5/6 Excursion for Exhibiton Permission Note

Year 5/6 are walking to and from Hoyts at Woden to watch the Movie 2040 as a part of their Exhibition Provocation for UOI ‘Sharing The Planet'. 

Please click here to submit. Due by Thursday 22nd August 2019. 

Thank you.

Year 5/6 Team 



Dear Year 6 Parents, 
You are invited to attend Parent Information Session for 2019 PYP Exhibition. 

WHEN: Wednesday 21st August 2019

TIME: 5.30pm 

LOCATION: Holy Trintiy - 5/6 Classrooms

Please click here to RSVP. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 


Year 5/6 Team

2019 Revue Night

Parent’s Revue night - Sat 17 August. 
This year’s theme is........(drum roll) ......
So what is Revue? 
Revue is a Holy Trinity tradition!  It goes way last century, and beyond! 
It is a night of silliness and fun for the parents, where you get to dress up and - if you’re keen, do a short performance to entertain us. And at the end of the night the music plays and we take to the dance floor. 
Class, group and individual acts welcome.
Acting, singing, dancing, short films, stand-up, playing an instrument - your call. Goal is to make it amusing - but not offensive!  
All acts will need to attend rehearsal in the week before, and be judged suitable. 
We get to have a laugh, and occasionally get to witness some real talent. And we raise money for a good cause!
What do you need to do? 
6 weeks to showtime, so start talking to your class mates about costumes and act ideas. Dust off that ukulele and warm up your vocal chords. Find your tap shoes and practice your stand-up, cos REVUE IS COMING!!
What do we wear?
Dress up to the theme! Have fun, and think outside the box. Classes can nominate a sub-theme which falls within the overall theme, and lock that in as their own. Email me at
Don’t wait too long, or another class might grab your idea. 
Have a great holiday, and I’ll be in touch again early next term.
Yours in Revue, 
Monica Campbell, Revue MC & Co-ordinator 

Safety Message

Good afternoon everyone

We have received an ACT Policing media statement today regarding a child approach at Eddison Park in Phillip at 4.45pm yesterday. When approached by the child’s father, the man ran and got into a brown/gold Range Rover 4WD and headed towards Yamba Drive. The man is described as Caucasian, of medium build, with short hair, clean shaven and wearing a lime green shirt with a logo, blue jeans and work boots. Police are seeking witnesses and ask that anyone with information contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 and quote reference 6425303.

While this matter does not directly relate to our school community at this time, I take the opportunity to remind our families of the importance of keeping safe, including children advising their parent/carers of their whereabouts if normal routines change, and following the measures outlined below in reporting any suspicious incidents.


If a child alerts you to an approach that has just happened, parents, guardians or teachers are asked to contact police immediately on 131 444 and in a life threatening situation phone 000 immediately.

The sooner the police are notified the sooner they can attend. 

Police are encouraging parents, guardians and teachers to ensure children understand how to keep themselves safe, particularly when walking to and from school, and to teach children about stranger safety.

Information on ways to help children to stay safe is available on the Constable Kenny Koala website.

You are reminded to remain vigilant and report any suspicious persons or activity to ACT Policing Operations immediately following an incident on 131 444. If it is a life-threatening situation, please phone 000. The sooner an incident is reported the quicker police can respond and attend to target the area and the surrounds.

If a child approach occurs on the weekend or outside of school hours, parents are asked to contact police immediately. 

Kind regards,

Philippa Brearley



Dear Year 6 Parents, 
You are invited to attend Parent Information Session for 2019 PYP Exhibition. 

WHEN: Wednesday 21st August 2019

TIME: 5.30pm 

LOCATION: Holy Trintiy - 5/6 Classrooms

Please click here to RSVP. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 


Year 5/6 Team